As the coronavirus spreads, online platforms are now the major source of entertainment and social interaction.

High Connection Density On Video Game Streaming Platforms.

As the coronavirus spreads and populations in many countries worldwide are instituting safety measures, online platforms are now the major source of entertainment and social interaction.

After Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, Gamestream®, the leading player in video game streaming for business markets (telcos, hospitality, entertainment and healthcare), has made public the latest stats from its customers taken directly from his own servers.

Gamestream® delivers a cloud gaming solution allowing end users access to more than 150 family friendly video games in HD and 4K, including many popular licenses from Disney Interactive, Capcom, Konami, Codemasters, Plug In Digital, Wired Productions or Focus Home Interactive.

Etisalat Group is the leading operator in emerging markets with over 148 million users in 16 countries. In UAE, eLife, (Etisalat’s family of home service offerings) launched a cloud gaming service last year for users on its IPTV fiber network in the country.

This cloud gaming service gained 300 percent more sessions in just one week.

As Ivan Lebeau, CEO of Gamestram® says: “Our video game streaming offers benefits from high performance servers with a worldwide reach, allowing us to cope with high demand without altering the gamer experience on TV, mobile and PC… With the extension of confinement period on the planet we expect a 4 digit % rise in connections in the coming weeks. Video games can provide meaningful and essential activity for many people. Currently popular games on our platforms are sports (PES 2020 Lite, Tennis World tour), adventure (Lego Star Wars III), racing (Gravel) and fight (Ultra Street Fighter IV) games”.

Video Games and activity helping

According to the latest survey from the (SELL), “71 percent of French occassionally play video games and 49 percent on a regular basis” .
Video games allow us to access fantasy worlds, but video gaming is also known to have benefits such as improving focus, multitasking, and memory. According to a research published in 2019 in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience review, it is possible to establish a series of links between neural and cognitive aspects, particularly regarding attention, cognitive control, visuospatial skills, perseverance, and reward processing.

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