We proposes a solution of Cloud Gaming intended for hotels, hospitals and cruise ships, allowing them to propose a “Next-Gen console experience” with the best international hits directly in rooms or cabins.
This solution is White-labelled, easy to integrate and there is no need for consoles in the rooms.

This solution is one of the numerous examples of what Gamestream can do for you.


In past, people often felt the television service to be better in hotels than at home. Nowadays, the television service provided in hotels in general seems archaic. With the democratization of tablets, smartphones and laptops, the television of the room has lost its charm. With RoyalPlay, Gamestream ambitions to re-enchant the client about the hotel and the television, to give to people a good reason for turning on the television again.


With our service, media groups have the opportunity to diversify their offers and give to their customers AAA games in 1080p.


One of the main problems for the publishers today is that they miss concrete data concerning the use made of their products by the players.
Gamestream has a solution for this: with our beta service, the data is at the disposal of the publishers. We also offer publishers the possibility to use their ``back-catalog`` or to provide a demo service.

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Our technology is based on Cloud technology that enables us to bring games directly on the TV without using any console via servers.
We provide a 1080p quality and can adapt to all the specificities of the customers (game catalogue, dongle/box…).
We propose a hybrid server solution with either local or external servers (in datacenters).

"1080p Quality"


"Hybrid Server Solution"

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Our partners

At Gamestream, we work hand in hand with our partners in order to be able to react quickly and effectively to challenges and give the biggest satisfaction to our customers.

Hardware providers

We work very closely with the suppliers of Hardware so we can always provide the most updated technology. It allows our customers to experience an AAA services.

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Game publishers

At regular bases, we discuss with the big international publishers so that our customers can enjoy the last AAA hits.

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