We are proud to announce that Gamestream is now available on Iphone and Ipad !

Press Release

World Premiere
Cloud Gaming is finally available on iOS for the 50 million subscribers of Gamestream's B2B customers.

Gamestream's Research and Development laboratory in France, has just designed a Cloud gaming client available on iOS in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA). It delivers a unique performance in the market, taking advantage of the computing power of Intel Xeon Scalable processors in the cloud.

Paris, Nancy, Dubaï – November 17th 2020

iPhone and iPad users have long dreamed of the chance to enjoy Cloud Gaming.
This dream has now become a reality thanks to the ingenuity of the Research and Development laboratory at Gamestream in Nancy, who have just developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) for their B2B customers. Telecom operators will now be able to provide unlimited access to the Gamestream games catalog to their 50 million subscribers, many of whom use iOS.

A World Premiere

In response to the growing demand from users of Apple devices to also have the chance to stream games, the developers at Gamestream have successfully developed a PWA client (Progressive Web App) weighing less than 1 MB by taking advantage of the latest real-time communications technology on the internet.
Once they sign up to the platform, users can add the Progressive Web App to the home screen on their iPhone or iPad.

What are the features of this solution? It can easily be installed onto any device that works with the latest version of the iOS 14 operating system, with no need to go through the Apple Store.
This light and intuitive solution will need to be installed via a dedicated link. It will be available from Q1 for B2B customers of Gamestream : Etisalat (leading telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates), Telkom Indonesia (leading operator in Indonesia), Sunrise (Europe’s leading 5G telecom operator in Europe), CHT (leading 5G Telecom operator in Taïwan) and even Medion (leading PC brand in Germany).

In relation to this world premiere, Xavier Cavin, Research and Development Director at Gamestream and researcher at Inria, pointed out : « Thanks to the new features provided by the latest iOS 14 Apple system, we have been able to finalize a fully functional version of our cloud gaming client in the form of a PWA, while ensuring that our solution continues to perform as effectively as possible in terms of graphic quality and smoothness. Our key challenge was to provide high level of performance. By using Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, we are able to offer a very robust gaming experience for our customers. »

« Demand for cloud gaming is growing across a breadth of devices, and it requires the right performance in both hardware and software to deliver compelling gaming experiences. By utilizing the performance of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Gamestream is able to deliver high quality gaming solutions for their users, » said Erin Jiang, Visual Infrastructure Director, Intel.

The solution is already available for pre-testing (contact the press service).

About Gamestream®

Gamestream is the world leader in video game streaming solutions aimed at the B2B market. The French start-up is the most technically advanced company in the cloud gaming industry right now, and their ambition is to provide an unparalleled gaming experience for all devices that is available to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Their technology offers the very highest performance combined with a video game catalog intended for a family environment, making them the partner of choice not only for telecoms operators and the tourism and entertainment industry, but also for the healthcare industry, particularly hospitals. The Gamestream solution has been rolled out across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, under the company’s own brand and in white-label versions. Based in Paris, Nancy and Dubai, Gamestream currently employs 35 people and aims to double in size over the next two years.
You can find more information at www.gamestream.biz.

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