Our CMO share some insights about cloud gaming in this interview with Insight Success

Karen interviewed by Insight Success.

Gamestream CMO Karen Seror , was recently interviewed by the business publication Insight Success and talking about insights, let's share with you some of Karen's. " Cloud gaming offers a differentiation factor, while also creating synergies with other revenue streams. In the hospitality and health sectors, guests or patients at hotels and hospitals often need to stay entertained, and cloud gaming can support this. The video game market is also in a transition phase. We are seeing technological innovation driven by visionary startups, and we're now entering a phase of structured offerings from key players, with GAFA who are now positioning themselves in cloud gaming. In the rising competitioninthe cloud gaming niche, publishers with a strong brand and an engaged community will be able to offer their own community based cloud gaming platform, running on white-labelled cloud gaming technology infrastructures like that of Gamestream."

Read the entire interview here.

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