Gamestream is happy to welcome Nicolas Delalondre. This addition is happening as part of the increase of their business activity.

Nicolas Delalondre joins Gamestream as Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Gamestream, worldwide leader in the B2B cloud gaming business, is delighted to announce the appointment of Nicolas Delalondre as CPO, and member of the Direction Committee.
The creation of this position is a further step in the development of the Gamestream business activity. In this new function, Nicolas will manage the vision and product strategy, and co-ordinate the Project and Research and Development teams.

Nicolas Delalondre, 42 years old, has a software engineer degree from the Efrei Paris (2000). Over twenty years, Nicolas developed an expertise in 3D software within diverse environments such as the INRIA, EVS Broadcast Equipment, and the Bionatics and RhinoTerrain Start Ups.
Over the last three years, he was Project Manager with the French industrial flagship THALES. Nicolas is an expert in the Agile method of working; and creating technology products with high additional value for the user is at the heart of his approach. He notably developed the innovative remote virtual learning solution for helicopter and plane pilots during his time there.

On the subject of this nomination, Ivan Lebeau, CEO of Gamestream said : “Nicolas proved in his previous functions his capacity to handle complex projects in an environment that is evolving very fast and to anticipate many innovative solutions to make them commercial succesess. In close collaboration with our Research and Development team, Nicolas will conduct the transformation of our Cloud Gaming offers in order to maintain our leadership position”.

Nicolas Delalondre adds : “After experiences in very different companies, small structures as Bionatics to major groups as THALES, joining Gamestream, a leader in the cloud gaming industry, means participating in the online gaming revolution by bringing in my value - a will to always innovate and offer a renewed user experience, through a wonderful human adventure.”

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