We propose a highly qualitative Cloud Gaming solution allowing us to stream in HD (1080p/60fps) a catalog composed of the latest AAA games and of a selection of the best independent games.

We designed a White-Label solution to serve Hotels, Cruise ships and hospitals by enabling them to bypass the limited internet connections inside their premises.

This solution will allow Hospitality providers to offer their guests with a “Next-Gen console experience” easy to integrate where no console needs to be installed.

This is only a glimpse of what Gamestream can provide.


In the past people often felt that the television service was better in hotels than at home. Nowadays, guests prefer to use tablets, smartphones or laptops to be entertained thus rendering Hotels’ television service obsolete. However, their premises do not always offer the best internet access leaving clients dissatisfied. With its Cloud Gaming service, Gamestream strives to re-establish an environment where guests are drawn out to the hotels for the entertainment services proposed on their televisions.


Thanks to our service, media groups, internet access providers will have the opportunity to diversify their offer in order to retain and attract customers always in demand of a large panel of quality entertainment.


Our service will increase publishers revenue streams thanks to the entry in new markets (i.e. Hospitality), or by allowing the monetization of their “back catalog”. It will also provide services to publishers such as data analysis and demo services.Using Gamestream will also allow the publishers to attract and appeal to new players by reaching them where traditional advertising can’t.



We bring games in HD straight to the TV without using any console by relying on Cloud Computing technologies using servers.

We provide adaptable solutions relying either on servers installed in data-centers or locally.

We are already compatible with major operating systems (Win, MacOS, IPTV, Android…) and integrated into various SmartTV models (Philips, LG, Samsung…).

"1080p Quality"


"Hybrid Server "



Our partners

By synchronising its work with its partners, Gamestream is able to react quickly and efficiently to the challenges of providing our customers with the best experience.

Hardware providers

We work in unison with the major hardware suppliers so that we can always maintain the most updated technology and be at the forefront of innovation and allow our customers to experience the latest AAA games.

Game publishers

On a regular basis, we discuss with the major international publishers so that we can offer the best catalog and the most recent Games. 


More Partners

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