Gamestream raised €3.5 million in order to strengthen its position as a global leader in B2B Cloud Gaming solutions.

Gamestream raises 3.5 million euros to build the future of B2B Cloud Gaming.

In the context of the rapid growth of its international activities, Gamestream has secured additional capital in the amount of €3.5 million in order to strengthen its position as a global leader in B2B Cloud Gaming solutions.

As part of this round of capital, Gamestream has called on Eponyme Partners (Arnaud Perez).

Supported by longstanding shareholders including the server specialist, 2CRSi, this capital acquisition is an opportunity for Gamestream to bring aboard new investors, including telecom specialists Ronny Verhelst, who joins the company’s board of directors, and brothers Remo and Philipp Bienz, owners of the Revier Hotels chain.
This new investment allows Gamestream to strengthen its development teams, and to accelerate its content acquisition strategy by expanding its current catalog with new flagship titles.

A « Success Story » made in France

Founded in 2015 by Ivan Lebeau and Olivier Lebigot and commercially launched in 2019, Gamestream has risen in less than two years to the level of a global leader in streaming video game solutions (Cloud Gaming) destined for the B2B market. The start-up provides telecom and hospitality professionals (hotels, hospitals…) with their turnkey and “multi-device” solutions (TV, smartphone, PC and tablet).

Gamestream offers an optimal gaming experience in Full HD and 4K, giving unlimited access to a video game catalog from the market’s main publishers (Disney, Capcom, Codemasters…), designed for an environment ranging from the general public to the “mid-core gamer”.

Rapid international development

In one year, Gamestream’s services have been rolled out as white-label in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East, with IT sector leaders who offer their subscribers unlimited play of a recent game pack for less than 20 dollars per month. This is the case for Etisalat (leading telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates), Telkom Indonesia (leading operator in Indonesia), Sunrise (Europe’s leading 5G telecom operator in Europe), and even Medion (leading PC brand in Germany). The Accor hotel chain, for its part, has just selected Gamestream’s services for the lobbies and rooms of many of its establishments.

Gamestream currently employs 30 people across its various sites (Paris, Nancy, Dubai), and plans to double its workforce within two years. The company will soon be opening a branch in Asia (Taiwan).

Crédit photo : Vincent Bousserez

Ivan Lebeau, CEO and co-founder of Gamestream, points out: “In a period of slow capital acquisition, Gamestream has been able to earn the confidence of investors thanks to the quality of its team and the relevance of its positioning. Beyond the content, our commercial success is also the result of the quality of our technology and the assertion of our B2B positioning. Indeed, we are convinced that the telecom operators capable of offering innovative and “multi-device” experiences like that of Gamestream will soon be the big winners of the major changes brought about by streaming, 5G and contactless payments.”

Olivier Lebigot, CTO and co-founder of Gamestream, adds: “The streaming technology employed by Gamestream is the fruit of several years of research and development. Its independent nature allows us to make the most of the hardware environment through which we deploy and to integrate, almost in real-time, any material innovation upon its release. Our experience and this expertise also allow us to immediately make use of the most effective codecs to ensure the best conditions of use for our users.”

According to Ronny Verhelst, a private Gamestream investor, a personality in the telecom world and currently the president of DELTA Fiber, “video gaming plays a leading role in the modernization of the leisure industry. While this sector is in full swing, telecom operators are at the heart of the streaming revolution and will allow Gamestream to consolidate its leadership position. I am proud to be part of the Gamestream adventure at a key stage of its development.”

Alain Wilmouth, co-founder and CEO of 2CRSi, concludes: “Within a few years, video gaming has assumed an essential role in the economy: it has become the biggest cultural industry ahead of film, music and literature, and knows no bounds. With a unique B2B positioning and the most advanced technological solutions, Gamestream has achieved an impressive track record since we became a shareholder in 2018 and today has customers on several continents. The arrival of new investors with complementary skills (telephony, hospitality...) will further accelerate the company’s dynamic growth in the coming months.”

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