Gamestream is happy to welcome Karen Seror as their CMO. This addition is happening as part of their international development strategy.

Karen Seror joins Gamestream® as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Gamestream, worldwide leader in the B2B cloud gaming business, announces Karen Seror’s engagement as CMO. This addition is happening as part of their international development strategy.

A recognized expert in accelerating the marketing of technological marvels.

Karen Seror, 43 years old, has an MBA in Business and Institutional Communication (EFAP), with recognized expertise in accelerating the development of technological advancements.

In 2000, she joined hosting company Amen’s adventure making them a European leader in five years; their valorisation will reach 20 M$ before their takeover by the Italian group Dada in 2008. She then joined Fotolia as Head of Communications in 2010. She made them a targeted start-up which would finally be acquired by the American giant Adobe for 800 M$ in 2014. At Adobe, Karen was in charge of defining and establishing the launch strategy for Adobe’s creative content library, Adobe Stock. Additionally, she ensured the communication transition of the brand Fotolia to Adobe Stock.

About this nomination, Ivan Lebeau, Gamestream’s CEO said: « For a few months, Gamestream felt a strong acceleration of their activities due to 5G deployment in many countries all over the world. The video game market is entering a new era, along with new usages and business models to invent. Karen’s expertise in making young start-ups become National and European leaders will be key in Gamestream’s development for the upcoming months ».

Karen Seror adds : « Like Spotify for the musical industry and Netflix for the VOD sector, Gamestream revolutionizes the cloud gaming market with their business model and their unprecedented technological advancements. I am really proud today to join Gamestream’s passionate and committed team that holds the proper values of « Game changers », major actors in a mutating market. Those values, that I previously enjoyed at Amen, Fotolia and Adobe Stock, are the basis of great human and technological adventures. By offering access to an unlimited catalogue to the B2B sector, Gamestream democratises video games and positions themselves at the forefront of the 3rd video game market revolution. My objective is to share our technological expertise and show how video games answer some of society’s aims, in particular, allowing users to recreate social bonds and bring well-being through games and their varied content».

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