We are proud to have been chosen by Sunrise to deliver their cloud gaming service in 5G and 4K.

Sunrise and Gamestream launch the world's first 5G and 4K cloud gaming service.

  • Sunrise today launches the world's first cloud gaming service with 4K resolution over 5G
  • Next-Gen Cloud Gaming Service: The world's first 4K gaming flat rate at a monthly price of CHF 9.90
  • First exclusive 5G smartphone service in Switzerland powered by Gamestream
  • Sunrise supplies over 309 cities/towns across Switzerland with 5G
"At Sunrise we are breaking one record after another: the first end-to-end 5G network in Switzerland with '5G for People', the world's first standardized 5G network at a ski resort, the first service provider in Switzerland and Europe to put a 5G network into operation and now the world's first 4K gaming flat rate, and the first exclusive 5G smartphone service in Switzerland. Thanks to 5G our customers can now have access on their smartphones to the worldwide first cloud gaming flat rate with up to 4K resolution," says Bruno Duarte, CCO Sunrise.

As the first provider worldwide, Sunrise introduces the next generation of smartphone gaming: For the first time it is now possible to offer 4K gaming with 5G for other supported devices. Together with the platform partner Gamestream, the leader of cloud gaming services in B2B, the Sunrise Game Cloud 5G App is now available.

According to a recent ZHAW study, every third person in Switzerland plays a video game at least once a week, with the smartphone being the most popular gaming device with 46%. Because of the limited processing power of a smartphone, gaming up to 4K resolution was not possible. Thanks to the low latency of the Sunrise 5G network, cloud gaming with high-end graphics is becoming a reality for smartphones. The Sunrise 5G network ensures a stable connection with low latency for delay-free gaming and high bandwidth for high-resolution games up to 4K (with HTC hub or PC).

"We are proud to have been selected by Sunrise to deliver their cloud gaming offering to Swiss customers. With the Sunrise Game Cloud, the whole family can experience the exceptional quality of the Sunrise 5G network to play premium games," said Lionel Adam, VP of Sales & Business Development at Gamestream. "Thanks to this partnership with Sunrise, Gamestream continues its worldwide deployment with the most innovative telecommunications providers."

Gamestream is the worldwide leader in cloud gaming solutions with services running in Asia, Middle-East and Europe. Gamestream delivers turnkey cloud gaming solutions to Telecom Operators and Hospitality groups, providing its unique multi-devices technology and content from the best International publishers.

The Sunrise Game Cloud App offers 50 high-end console games, including popular games such as Tomb Raider, DiRT Rally (in 4K) or Roland Garros Tennis World Tour 2019 Edition and is offered as a flat rate for smartphones at the monthly price of 9.90 CHF. The app is available for Sunrise 5G customers in the Android Play Store for 5G smartphones and also for other multiscreen devices on www.sunrise.ch Sunrise also offers a certified controller, compatible with 5G Smartphones, Android Tablets, PC and Laptop. Playstation 4 and Xbox users can also use their own controller for the Sunrise Cloud Gaming Service. The servers for the Sunrise Cloud Gaming Service are operated in Switzerland.

Nationwide coverage until the end of the year

Sunrise already supplies over 309 cities/towns with 5G. Only those cities/places are counted where the coverage reaches at least 80% of the local population. Many other areas are covered selectively, including parts of large cities such as Zurich. The current coverage map with location and address queries as well as the location list can be found on the Sunrise website.

Sunrise is continuing to implement its plan to secure Switzerland's leading position in Europe with 5G digital infrastructure and is continuously supplying new cities/towns with 5G. Sunrise wants to expand the 5G network in all regions as quickly as possible. Sunrise is therefore in close contact with all licensing authorities and maintains a constructive exchange. Sunrise is concentrating its 5G expansion on the cantons and municipalities that want to benefit quickly from technological progress. In the cantons and communes that have relied on delay tactics with moratoria, suspension of permits and stricter procedural requirements, a gap of more than 30% must be expected compared with the other cantons and communes.

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